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open shreenath ji darshan

Open Shree Nathji’s darshan from November 3, up to 12 Darshans in first phase

The conditional permission has been granted by district administration to open shreenath ji darshan.

The temple administration had sought permission to open darshan from 3 November. Temple CEO Jitendra Ojha told that the district administration will have to put on the masks of the visitors, social distance, thermal screening, handwash and sanitizer mandatory.

open shreenath ji darshan

No mask-noEntry rule has to be strictly followed, registering the visitor and keeping name, address, mobile number. At the same time, people below 10 years and above 65 years of age will not be allowed to enter the temple. Outside the temple, the police administration will have to make arrangements to maintain law and order.

open shreenath ji darshan In the first phase, darshan will be done from 3 to 12 November.

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